BestCrypt Volume Encryption,
Reliable HIPAA Compliant Encryption Software

With only 2 months left to pursue the recently tightened standard for URAC accreditation, encryption for HIPAA compliance became an urgent priority for IRMAT Pharmacy:

•  Needed HIPAA compliance for URAC accreditation
•  Over 5000 records of protected health information (PHI)
•  Lacked encryption on computers and laptops
•  Time pressure to meet requirements within 2 months

With BestCrypt Volume Encryption - Enterprise Edition IRMAT Pharmacy has now successfully:

•  Complied with HIPAA for URAC accreditation
•  Mitigated risks and costs of potential data breaches
•  Found a comprehensive enterprise-class disk encryption software for computers and laptops
•  Reduced downtime to meet their 2 months deadline

"With a relatively small price tag and a fast deployment, BestCrypt is an absolute
necessity for mitigating the risks and costs of potential data breaches."

- Christopher O’Keefe, COO, IRMAT Pharmacy